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Today’s Sales Observations

  1. I offered six handmade infinity scarves to five ladies today.  The first two in a row did not buy.  The remaining three ladies bought a total of four scarves.  LESSON LEARNED:  DON’T GET DISCOURAGED.  KEEP PROMOTING..
  2. One lady considered infinity scarves as old, something from the 80’s.  She did not buy.  Yet my 3 buyers were not familiar with them at all, and neither was I until recently.
  3. Each lady was attracted first to a scarf’s color, then the texture.  They reached right away for the one they liked, then they checked out the others and went back to the ones they liked.  They purchased the first one they touched and liked.
  4. The potential customers asked questions on how to wear the scarves, and I showed them using myself as a model.  Then I handed it to them to try.  The non-buyers did not ask questions.  No one asked the price until I offered it.  I priced them low and only mentioned the price after they seemed really interested.  LESSON LEARNED:  IT’S NOT THE PRICE; IT’S THE EASE OF USE AND WHETHER IT WILL FIT IN WITH THEIR WARDROBE.
  5. Two of the ladies bought conservative scarves — a large solid navy blue polyester and a narrow gray wool tweed polyester.   The other two scarves were a long cream chiffon with sequins and an orange tie-dyed cotton with sequins — both to the same customer.
  6. The two that did not sell today were a brown animal print and a pastel, multi-colored tie-dyed.
  7. My customer Mary is super-sensitive to fragrances and noticed perfume on her scarf.  It came from one the non-buyers who tried it on before her.  LESSON LEARNED:  BEFORE SOMEONE TRIES ON SOMETHING, ASK FIRST IF THEY ARE WEARING PERFUME.  Mary will wash it and then pay me.  We are co-workers and I want her to be happy with it.
  8. My customer who bought two scarves purchased one for herself and one as a gift.  She will pay me on Friday when we all get paid.

All these customers are my co-workers.


Comments on: "Today’s Sales Observations" (2)

  1. This is really interesting, because I think it fits pretty well with my own experiences, as both a customer and as a salesperson. I think in sales it’s often about not talking someone *into* something, but rather just giving the buyer permission, or supporting, intellectually, a decision their heart (and eye and hand) has already made. Which is just what you noticed, how they all bought the first scarf they touched. I’ve done that so often, we have an intuitive attraction for things that’s hard to turn away from, and so if we work with that intuitive impulse in customers, it makes selling easier!

    • Thanks! This lets me know I’m on the right track with my observations. I heard a saying once that “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” I really want people to be happy and proud to wear and use the items I create. I want them to get compliments and feel good enough to strut! It’s not the sale that matters most. Repeat business is way more important to me than just one sale.

      Thanks for writing to me. I hope we stay in touch. If I haven’t followed your blog already, I certainly will now. Nice to meet you, Julie!


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