Creating The Life I Want

Life After Sales

Guess what?  I have no more products to sell!!!  My first experiment was a success.  What a nice problem but I still wish I didn’t have the problem.  I have quite a fabric stash and can make many more infinity scarves.  So why do I hesitate?  What’s stopping me on my path to creating a better life????  I think it’s selfishness, a trait I don’t usually have.

First, I’d be using up fabric I bought to make clothes for me before I got this bright idea.  Second, I lost my luggage last month that contained ALL my best clothes – including my velvet leopard New Year’s outfit (tastefully done, of course), five pairs of lined slacks made by yours truly, five matching jackets, five pairs of matching shoes and accessories.  See what I mean?

But having now recognized it as selfishness, it is out of my system and I will make more infinity scarves to sell.  This blogging is wonderful stuff!

I didn’t go to work yesterday due to a bad cold.  I felt so bad that I didn’t even feel like sewing.  I slept a lot and took lots of vitamins.  But I did get on my computer for a while…and entered blog heaven.  I went to my blog host’s home page and started checking out other blogs.  I “liked” a lot of them and then searched for sewing blogs.  Smorgasbord (a Swedish word meaning a varied collection)! I immediately noticed that I need to learn how include pictures here because that is key in working with an art form.  Let’s see if I can get a picture in here.

Draping sample seen in Mood’s Fabrics Store here in Los Angeles

By golly, I did it.  🙂   I’m back in business.  Tomorrow’s target is 5 more infinity scarves made.

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