Creating The Life I Want

Reality Adjustment

Wow!  Did I have a reality adjustment today! And I’m still having it!

Unbeknownst to me, this reality adjustment actually started a few weeks ago when I discovered that there is a term for my business idea that I was not even aware of.  I read about it with mixed feelings – the hope of learning something new about it and simultaneously feeling bad about it because here I thought I had this very original idea that NO ONE IN THE WORLD has ever thought of.  The term is mass customization.  A wonderful term, sounds impressive, sounds like something that could make a lot of money too!

I tucked that information into my personal memory files and quite frankly forgot all about it.  I continued working away on my little scarves, all the time trying to figure out how to keep inventory on hand, how to turn this idea into something really big that I can work at full-time, when should I hire others, etc.

Well, today, my whole life changed.  Splash!  Boom!  Bang!  I ran into “mass customization” again.   Ran smack dab into it.  I read that there are MANY others who are way ahead of me already.  They are already competing with each other…without me!  It hit me – duh! — that my brainchild is not new.  Now what do I do???  These other guys are well-financed, have overseas connections, big fancy websites, they started years ago, etc., etc., etc.

The reality adjustment happened 8 hours ago in the afternoon.  It’s nighttime now.  I’m over the initial shock and I’m re-grouping.  Yes, I’m re-grouping.  Instead of having to create how to do this great business idea of mine, I have to figure out how to compete with these guys and do the business way better than they are!

The game plan has changed.  You realize, of course, that it just got way more interesting!



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