Creating The Life I Want

Back At It!

 I know I’ve been gone for a while and a lot has happened since I last posted here.  First, it got very busy at work so I graciously and willingly put in a lot of overtime.  Can you say “cha-ching?”  My job right now is what is financing my entrepreneurship so it was good.  Ah, but wait, I just realized something!  Actually, the first thing that happened was a frequently looming idea that I’m not making progress.  It stops me dead in my tracks each time!  Two friends separately helped me overcome this and interestingly enough they’re both married to each other.  I’ve got great friends.

  You see, I’m allergic to this concept of gradients and always have been.  Who invented gradients?  I don’t want gradients.  I want my ideas to materialize as soon as I make the plan.  Is that too much to ask?  Well, yes, it is, darn it.  Gradients are the way this world was built and that’s the way this world works.  It’s not a societal or cultural thing, it’s a whole world thing.  No getting around it.  BUT we don’t have to be the effect of it.  Where we can help gradients along up is to INCREASE THE INCLINE!  As long as the gradient is going up, it should be admired, respected, welcomed, and stoked.  So guess who likes gradients now?  You go it. ( Kay helped me with that one.)

 There’s a great planning tool called the Administrative Scale by L. Ron Hubbard that lists everything anyone needs to have in place in order to accomplish a goal.  It’s simple, just a few words, but very powerful.  (You don’t have to be a Scientologist to use it and it’s non-religious.)  Well, John told me that he uses it all the time for lots of things, and he rattled off some parts of it as it applies to what I’m doing.  So this morning, I dug out my old Admin Scale and it’s perfect.  I just hadn’t moved to the next step on it.   Duh!  (Thanks, John!)

 My nephew, Marshall Davis, Jr., was in town last Saturday doing a tap dance show with Savion Glover.  I went with my son and a friend.  Those guys are so talented.  They sold out the large theatre here at Northridge University.  It was intense and extremely entertaining.

What has also happened recently is the $640 mega million lottery which would have been right on time if I had won.  I would have left my job of course, but I’d still build this even if I had won.  I am determined to get this done!

That being said, I gotta go sew!  See ya later.


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