Creating The Life I Want

More Lessons Learned

Well, it’s May and I’m just getting back to blogging after a looooooong absence.  At first, I wanted this blog to be a sort of diary of my path to creating the life I want.  Then as I started getting readers, I shied away from writing about the difficulties I was having.  So I have decided and hereby affirm to write this for both audiences – for me and for readers.

I have had some anxiety on exactly how to go about creating my business which is my first goal in creating the life I want.  Very surprisingly, I have learned that my personality carried over into my business.  You see, I’m basically a pretty impatient person – I like things done quickly with little lag time.  At restaurants, I expect my choices to be already cooked.  I don’t like my tea hot so I can drink it right away.  When someone is telling me a story, I want the ending as soon as possible.  You get the idea?

So this concept of creating or building a business was taking way too long for me!  But my dear friend and mentor, Kay, calmed me down so easily.  She told me to study gradients – the definition, examples, whatever I could find on it.  And I did.  And it calmed me down!  So much so that I’m still calm.  The anxiety I had (which is a very low operating or motivating basis) is gone.  I’m still motivated to reach my goals but the crazy anxiousness, self-invalidation, hurry-up, drive-me-crazy nonsense is gone.  In its place is a dedicated, meaningful purpose with definite steps on a gradient to get me where I want to be.  Man, this feels sooooo much better!

I also completed a course entitled “Setting and Achieving Your Goals” which gave me the most senior data to concern myself with in building my business instead of trying to do everything at once and being mildly overwhelmed (is that an oxymoron?).  Clearing up the necessity for gradients was great and then doing that course gave me exactly the steps that I should be doing — on a gradient.  If I hadn’t done it in that order, I doubt I would have gotten as much out of the course.  Gotta tell you that it’s good to have answers when I need them.  And I have also learned now to go get answers whenever I get stuck again.  It makes no sense to struggle with something when you don’t have to!


1.        Gradients are okay and are necessary.  Expect them and embrace them.

2.        My personality – good or bad – will inevitably transfer over into my business.  I need to be the best person possible to pull this off.  Self-improvement on this journey is a must.

3.        Pay attention to the senior data.  Everything else is noise until one is stable enough – on a gradient – to fine tune handling everything needed to be and to stay operational.

4.       Operate from a high tone – not a low one.  Action, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, mild interest, strong interest are so much better than anxiety.

5.        When I get stuck, go learn something new by L. Ron Hubbard about that area.  It works every time!


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