Creating The Life I Want

Another Bright Idea

Right now in this “Creating The Life I Want” phase, I keep wanting to discover the best sewn product I can personally produce that will be a big hit right out the gate until I can then get others to make it for me.  Over and over, this has been on my mind continuously.  Well, I got another bright idea a few weeks ago that I’m very excited about.  Using Google to search for it shows that hardly anyone is making it and, those who are making it sell it at a high retail price.  The reason I really like this idea is (1) it’s something EVERYBODY wears (men and women) so demand should be high; (2) it’s something I can sew easily; and (3) it doesn’t require custom sizing which means that tons of them can be made at a time instead of one at a time.

So off I went to the garment district downtown here in LA several weeks ago and bought a bunch of material that I can experiment with for starting my new line.  it sounds funny to say “my new line,” as I’ve never really aspired to be a designer and I don’t consider myself to be one.  I just like to sew.  But if I’m going to be an entrepreneur which is my main goal, I’m going to have to wear all the hats in the beginning.  I am continuing to research my idea to make sure I do it well, make it efficiently, and have a really good competitive advantage over others.  By this past Friday, I was satisfied that I’m ready to go into high gear.

Yesterday (Sunday), I was reading a trusted blog that I respect and love called Fashion Incubator by Kathleen Fasanella.  It’s totally awesome for anyone making sewn products, whether new to this business like me or not.  She’s the absolute best.  I have had her book for months now and originally intended to use it like a bible.  But then I got anxious, thought I could take shortcuts and went off in another direction.

Well, yesterday, after reading archives in her blog, I learned the importance of market research.  EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!  So, not only am I going to do proper market research now but I’m going back to her book big time and will use it like a bible.  Her book is The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing, and her website is  Check it out if you’re interested.  Did I tell you that she’s the best?

I will continue to improve my sewing skill on my product idea while I do the market research.  Stay tuned!


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