Creating The Life I Want

A Target Diary

I’ve been gone from here for quite a while.  Primarily because I was not achieving what I wanted to achieve.  And it’s embarrassing to talk about it when nothing’s happening!

I still have the same basic goal — to feel successful at something.  I’m just not defining it so narrowly as “a business” or “sewing” or whatever.  It’s just to feel successful at something.  The operative word is “feel.”  I have actually noticed that I’m successful at several things.  Yet I want to keep going up, going forward, do more, achieve more.

It’s quite something to be able to take a look at what one is doing wrong and figure out how to do it right.  And that’s what I’ve done recently and it’s working!  Instead of expecting all my wishes and desires to come true right away or very soon, I’ve learned to work toward them more efficiently and to embrace gradients — a word I’ve never been particularly fond of, frankly.  But when a system is not working, you can keep doing it and get the same result
— nothing –or you can change and get different results.  So I’m changing by embracing gradients and doing correct targeting now…and getting different results.

* * * * * *

I realized that targets were happening all the time around me and I didn’t even notice it.  They’re not just for life goals or big dreams or long-range plans.  At work, when a brief has to be filed with the court or a report sent to a client, it is researched, notes are taken, it’s drafted, edited, reviewed, edited again and then finalized and sent out.  Guess what?  Those are targets that were set and done.

When I have to run errands, I make a plan of which one to do first, second, etc.  Those are targets.  If I want to cook something, sometimes I need a recipe but I always need ingredients which are used in a certain order to get a desired result.   Get my hair done.  Get my clothes cleaned.  Go from my bed to my job.  You name it, it involves targets.

Well, those are the simple things in life and I can do those really well.  Now what about the big things in life?  They clearly don’t happen magically by themselves just because I wish it.  How do I get those done?  Duh!  THE SAME WAY!!!!

So I’ve had to overhaul my thinking about targets and gradients.  In the past, I would make up targets like take classes, start a business, expand it into different areas, make it international and move off as a great success.  Didn’t work.  Targets are still the correct tool to use but I’m taking a different approach to them now.

* * * * * *

I’m teaching myself to first be more aware of targets in my everyday life and to control the targets I can control.  Once I get really skilled at that and actually see positive changes in my life that I’m doing it right and getting better at it, I’ll increase the level of the targets onto more important things.

At the beginning of this year, I bought a daily planner — one page per day because I have big handwriting.  Very simply, all I do now is just write down what I need to get done the next day: call Ron on his birthday, return the wrong paper towels, nail appointments, eye exams, etc.  My goal is to get all my targets done for that day.  Nothing earth shattering, nothing great or magnificent or hugely significant about the items.  Just get them done.   And I can see a difference already:

  • The things I write down get done.
  • No matter the time involved, if I want to get it done, it gets done.
  • My life has smoothed out a little already!
  • I’m now seeing that I can do even more each day.
  • It has increased my awareness of what I actually do every day and how I can do more.
  • I have learned where I waste time and knocked off doing those things.

It’s really pretty cool now!  I have hope again.  My goals are getting closer incrementally but definitely getting closer.

I will write more about this again soon.




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  1. That sounds like a great way to build on success and keep going up!

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