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Sales progress!


I sold four items today!!!!!  They were infinity scarves (circular scarves with a little twist to them) that I made over this past weekend from various fabrics that I already had.  (I need to remember to take pictures of the items I make so I can build up a  portfolio.  I’d also like to be able to show them to you.)

Selling the scarves was a win for me and validates part of my overall plan for building my business.  You see, I am building a custom clothing business.   My plan is to make small, introductory items for people and then show them the great benefits of custom clothing at an affordable price.

I fell in love with infinity scarves just a few weeks ago after I made one hurriedly out of black velvet for a formal dinner I attended.  It was a WONDERFUL wrap all evening!  So I came home, pulled fabric out and stitched up six more.  And sold four of them today!

One of my sub-goals is to sew every day.  I want to get disciplined to sew every day until I can hire others.  It also means a step forward in my business every day which is what I want.  But I haven’t sewn yet today and it’s already 10 pm.   Time to get busy!