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Why is that when I REALLY focus on a goal and start doing everything in earnest to accomplish that goal, there seem to be distractions everywhere????  That is my BURNING question in life right now so I want to get it out of the way and out of my system.  The little buggers are definitely something to be conquered and controlled.  And I am determined to do so by making whatever changes need to be made to succeed first over them so I can succeed in other ways.

This is what I see: Image .  This is what I seem to get: Image

I have often wondered if my many years as a legal secretary are unwittingly the root cause of many of these perceived “distractions.”  You see, as a legal secretary, my duties are (1) to keep order of calls, letters, receipts, papers, files, and people (appointments, meetings, etc.) — incoming and outgoing; (2) to answer questions or find answers to questions; and (3) to predict and stay ahead of my attorneys so services they need miraculously appear before they ask.  After 29 years of doing this, I am admittedly well organized and tidy – at home as well as at the office.  Compared to pursuing a goal, these tasks are mundane yet I am still compelled to keep order, stay  neat and tidy even when not at work.

Here then is the list of distractions to my career-changing quest and the ideal life I want:

  1. Laundry
  2. Cooking
  3. Eating
  4. Sleeping
  5. Cleaning and tidying up
  6. Getting ill (darn it)
  7. Groceries and other errands
  8. Getting and reading and answering personal mail and email
  9. Checking finances and paying bills.

Funny list, huh?  They seem like mere points of normal life but to me they have now landed on my List of Distractions to be conquered and controlled!  When all I want to do is sit down and sew and I have to stop for one of these, I feel distracted.


What to do?  You will find, in time, that I like to think in solutions.  That is to say, if something is not optimum, I want to look for a solution.  If something is in the way, I want to find a solution.  I don’t whine or dwell on problems.  So here’s my solution:  I am going to schedule these “distractions” to be addressed at certain times only and no other times.  Every other minute outside of work will then be production time I can dwell on, relish and enjoy!

Now, back to those five infinity scarves!!!


Let’s get started!

Wow!  This is pretty cool.  I’m sitting here wondering what to write for my first post and I have a feeling that a fringe benefit of writing a blog is that it will make me a better writer.

Okay, on with this adventure.  I just wrote a nice blurb in my profile but I didn’t say what this journey is about.  This journey is about creating the kind of life I want — once and for all.  Not just dream about it, not just hope for it, not expect it to fall in my lap magically because I’ve been a good girl — but actively create it!  What a viewpoint, yes?

Personally, I don’t believe you can accomplish anything great without first having a clear sense spiritually of yourself and the world around you.  I’m delighted to say that I have gained that through my studies of Scientology and the writings of L. Ron Hubbard.   It’s been a gradual process and I need to put more of it to work.  It’s one thing to learn things and feel good about them and feel good about yourself.  It’s quite another to put what you learn to work and use it to change your life and the lives of others.

My goal with this blog is to document, target and be accountable.   I want to document the steps I’m taking so I can look back at the end of my journey and remember exactly what I did, and help others to do the same.  I want to record here what targets need to be accomplished so I don’t lose sight of the goal, plans, etc.  And I want to be accountable to someone (all you guys reading this) because I work harder when I do things for others than when I just do something for me.

The first area I want to change in my life is my career.  I have always considered sewing to be a hobby, but it’s really a passion.  I just LOVE it.  It should have been my career after high school but I was unwittingly influenced by other-determined goals (goals not set by me) at the time.  So my blog to start is mostly going to be about setting up my own sewing business.  I currently work as a legal secretary so, as you can see, there is a transition involved here.

The next area I want to change in my life is to get married again.  (More on that later after I know you better!)  Call me crazy but I believe there are a lot of great guys out there looking for someone great like me.  I just have to start looking.

The next area of my life I want to change is to help other able people to achieve their goals.  It can be very frustrating to know you can do better, to know you can achieve more and still not know how to go about it.  I have big plans to share my wins with others so they can have wins too.I hereby declare this blog to be started!!

Alethiea Taylor