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I am having such a great time pursuing my goals.  Every minute is fresh and new because every moment is an opportunity to make something happen that will bring me closer toward my goal.  Who can I talk to?  Did I tell that person?  Who else should I tell?  Who can I sell something to?  What’s on my schedule for tonight?  Which fabric am I sewing up next?  And after that?  What have I learned today?  Am I becoming smarter about this?  Ahhh, it’s quite wonderful to create a future.


Ta da!!!  I made three more sales today!  Two white scarves and one pastel tie-dyed scarf.  It was funny how I did it too because I put my new scarves in a bag and left the bag with a co-worker so she could look at them.  She was busy, so I took the bag, went and sold a scarf and brought it back to her cubicle.  A little while later, I took the bag again, sold another scarf and returned it to her cubicle.  I loved it!

My schedule is still working out quite well.  It is the best schedule I’ve ever made because it is keeping me disciplined which is a benefit I sorely need.  I believe successful people are disciplined, meaning the “training or conditions imposed for the improvement of physical powers, self-control, etc.” (World English Dictionary)

I have often craved discipline, and you might laugh when I tell you why.  I am convinced that being a grown-up has disadvantages – primarily because if we goof off, procrastinate, don’t do what we’re supposed to do, etc., there seem to be no penalties.  No one ensures we always do what’s best all the time anymore.  No one forces us to confront the things we don’t want to do.  If we mess up, we can rush to get things done later or talk our way out of it, etc.  No penalty….or so it seems.

But every time I can’t buy something because I can’t afford it is a penalty to me.  Every day that I am not living in the kind of house I feel I should have is a penalty to me.  I could go on and on but you may remember that I don’t whine. 🙂  So as I see it, every step I make toward my goal reduces the penalties I will get from life later.  It sure has me focused now.

Next targets:  Sell more scarves, finish the pants I’m making for myself, check fabric stash again for material suitable for more scarves, make them or go get more fabric.  I also need to reach out to other areas besides the job to make myself and my products known.

Stay tuned!


Businesswoman Symptoms are Showing

Hello there,

I am pleased to report that made my target of 5 infinity scarves on Saturday…and made two more this morning.  I must confess that I thought it was going to be an easy target but they actually took longer to make than I thought.  I had to push myself to keep going on Saturday.  And I am pleased to say that I stuck with it because I’m a businesswoman!  I’m back in business and have inventory now.

I made up that schedule I mentioned so that I can keep the “distractions” under control.  I started it yesterday and it has worked beautifully so far.  I’m so glad.  I’ll continue to test it during the week and I’ll post it here when I know it works.

Another great development has happened over the last couple days:  I do believe I am turning into a businesswoman!

Symptom #1:  I am collecting my own market research information.  I logged the fabric and dimensions of every new scarf I made this weekend in a journal.  AND remembered to take pictures of them.  This is so that I can keep track of what sells or not, and how long, and to what type of customer.

Symptom #2:  I had to run a personal errand this afternoon and I took the new scarves with me just in case I ran into an opportunity to sell them!  I’ve never done that before.

See, I am turning into a businesswoman!

Gotta go because now I’m off-schedule and should be in bed.  More tomorrow.



Why is that when I REALLY focus on a goal and start doing everything in earnest to accomplish that goal, there seem to be distractions everywhere????  That is my BURNING question in life right now so I want to get it out of the way and out of my system.  The little buggers are definitely something to be conquered and controlled.  And I am determined to do so by making whatever changes need to be made to succeed first over them so I can succeed in other ways.

This is what I see: Image .  This is what I seem to get: Image

I have often wondered if my many years as a legal secretary are unwittingly the root cause of many of these perceived “distractions.”  You see, as a legal secretary, my duties are (1) to keep order of calls, letters, receipts, papers, files, and people (appointments, meetings, etc.) — incoming and outgoing; (2) to answer questions or find answers to questions; and (3) to predict and stay ahead of my attorneys so services they need miraculously appear before they ask.  After 29 years of doing this, I am admittedly well organized and tidy – at home as well as at the office.  Compared to pursuing a goal, these tasks are mundane yet I am still compelled to keep order, stay  neat and tidy even when not at work.

Here then is the list of distractions to my career-changing quest and the ideal life I want:

  1. Laundry
  2. Cooking
  3. Eating
  4. Sleeping
  5. Cleaning and tidying up
  6. Getting ill (darn it)
  7. Groceries and other errands
  8. Getting and reading and answering personal mail and email
  9. Checking finances and paying bills.

Funny list, huh?  They seem like mere points of normal life but to me they have now landed on my List of Distractions to be conquered and controlled!  When all I want to do is sit down and sew and I have to stop for one of these, I feel distracted.


What to do?  You will find, in time, that I like to think in solutions.  That is to say, if something is not optimum, I want to look for a solution.  If something is in the way, I want to find a solution.  I don’t whine or dwell on problems.  So here’s my solution:  I am going to schedule these “distractions” to be addressed at certain times only and no other times.  Every other minute outside of work will then be production time I can dwell on, relish and enjoy!

Now, back to those five infinity scarves!!!