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I am having such a great time pursuing my goals.  Every minute is fresh and new because every moment is an opportunity to make something happen that will bring me closer toward my goal.  Who can I talk to?  Did I tell that person?  Who else should I tell?  Who can I sell something to?  What’s on my schedule for tonight?  Which fabric am I sewing up next?  And after that?  What have I learned today?  Am I becoming smarter about this?  Ahhh, it’s quite wonderful to create a future.


Ta da!!!  I made three more sales today!  Two white scarves and one pastel tie-dyed scarf.  It was funny how I did it too because I put my new scarves in a bag and left the bag with a co-worker so she could look at them.  She was busy, so I took the bag, went and sold a scarf and brought it back to her cubicle.  A little while later, I took the bag again, sold another scarf and returned it to her cubicle.  I loved it!

My schedule is still working out quite well.  It is the best schedule I’ve ever made because it is keeping me disciplined which is a benefit I sorely need.  I believe successful people are disciplined, meaning the “training or conditions imposed for the improvement of physical powers, self-control, etc.” (World English Dictionary)

I have often craved discipline, and you might laugh when I tell you why.  I am convinced that being a grown-up has disadvantages – primarily because if we goof off, procrastinate, don’t do what we’re supposed to do, etc., there seem to be no penalties.  No one ensures we always do what’s best all the time anymore.  No one forces us to confront the things we don’t want to do.  If we mess up, we can rush to get things done later or talk our way out of it, etc.  No penalty….or so it seems.

But every time I can’t buy something because I can’t afford it is a penalty to me.  Every day that I am not living in the kind of house I feel I should have is a penalty to me.  I could go on and on but you may remember that I don’t whine. 🙂  So as I see it, every step I make toward my goal reduces the penalties I will get from life later.  It sure has me focused now.

Next targets:  Sell more scarves, finish the pants I’m making for myself, check fabric stash again for material suitable for more scarves, make them or go get more fabric.  I also need to reach out to other areas besides the job to make myself and my products known.

Stay tuned!